ATTENTION ALL WOMEN ages 8-108 who did NOT tune into the Women's Conference this past Saturday: I have a great scripture for YOU!

Mosiah 26:30....


I sure was humbled in this sweet meeting. Among the many lessons I learned from things spoken and UNspoken:

--No matter how life (or the mission goes), we should REJOICE to know that it is the Lords will for us. How awesome is that?

--The scriptures, prayer, the temple, the gospel... THAT is real life. THAT is the real thing. So when I go back to "real life" after the mission, it won't be such a change because now I know what "real life" is all about. Jacob 4:13

--To be ready to enter the Kingdom of God, we don't have to be perfect! We just need to repent every day. 

--I am the most blessed person I know and have absolutely NO reason not to be 100% happy every single day. The mission is hard sometimes. But happiness isn't in circumstances. It's in the HEART!

God lives and speaks to His prophets TODAY. That is my very favorite truth to share with people every day in the street. Some ignore us and walk away, some get defensive, some want to fight, but some truly take the time to listen and have the desire to know if it could be true (these usually dont live in our area :P). But anywho, I AM SOOOO GRATEFUL to know this truth for myself. I treasure that knowledge. I am absolutely GIDDY for this special historical conference weekend where 3 new Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be called. 

Since the women's conference, I have done some repenting and changing to be more fit for the kingdom, and I invite you all to do the same! Make sure you have all got prayerful questions ready for this weekend!! #LDSCONF #QUEEMOCION #PINSANDNEEDLES #IHAVEMYGUESSESFORAPOSTLES

SO BUCKLE UP!! The Lord wants to to speak to YOU this very weekend.

Much love,

Hermana Ras

AuthorAshley Ysasaga