Mi Querida Familia <3

It sure has been a glorious weekend! From start to finish it was inspiring. I’m ready to conquer the world and baptize EVERYONE! Too bad we don’t really have investigators… but that will change soon. Everyone has their own mission stories and experiences that make their mission the best, but truly, I am the most blessed missionary I know. The Lord loves me way more than I deserve.

On Saturday morning our mission enjoyed the privilege of a visit from Elder David A. Bednar. Our WHOLE mission was together for the first time EVER. It was marvelous. Elder Bednar came with his wife, plus Elder Soares (president of the Seventy) with his wife, plus Elder Godoy (of the Seventy) with his wife, plus Bishop Stevenson (presiding bishop) with his wife, plus Elder Lezano (area Seventy). Elder Bednar joked that it was probably the first and only session of General Conference ever held in Chiclayo, Peru. HAHA! It was nuts. The meeting was incredible. He made it into an amazing interactive experience and conversation. He asked us questions, he answered questions, he brought an undeniable spirit, and we all left edified and wanting to be better. It was truly an amazing day. Because on Friday they had been in Piura and met my pops there, Sister bender called me up to give me a hug from my mom and she asked me to share with everyone something I learned from my parents. I shared just a couple of thoughts and amazingly wasn’t even nervous with the five general authorities sitting behind me. I also had the great blessing of shaking hands with Elder Bednar. It was seriously amazing to look in his eyes and feel the spirit testify that He was indeed a servant of God.

After the meeting we all got together for pizza with all us missionaries and president. It was great fun! But after that is when the fun REALLY began. Hermana Kennedy and I went with President and Sister Williams back to the mission home where I got to see my dear parents.

It went something like this: Luke 15:20. Or maybe a little more like this: Alma 27:16-17. Just like the Jaredites (Ether 6:12), we “shed tears of joy before the Lord because of the multitude of His tender mercies over [us].”

Hermana Kennedy and I spent the afternoon proselytizing and visiting with my mom and Sister Williams. Then we finished off the day with dinner all together. I could not be more blessed.

We had a beautiful stake conference yesterday and Elder Soares came with his wife. I had the chance to talk to him after, and once again, spoke highly of my amazing parents. I feel like Nephi: “I, Hermana Rasmussen, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my Father; and having seen many afflictions in the course of my mission, nevertheless, having been HIGHLY FAVORED of the Lord in all my days…”

I know that God lives and loves me more than I deserve. He loves my family. He loves these Peruvians. THAT I am sure of.

Until next week,


AuthorDanny Rasmussen