Letter from August 17, 2015

Amados Hermanos mios!

This week I learned that I am not very patient. That is an attribute the Lord is still patiently trying to teach me!

First of all, with my investigators... I think after all of those amazing meetings from last week and the inspiring multizone conference this week, I am just ready to BAPTIZE THE WORLD! I've been a little frustrated with some of our investigators simply for not being ready to be baptized, I think. We never found Patricia and Walter again... Jorge is not quite ready for his baptismal date of the 29th of this month. It appears our forever investiagor might need just a little more time... Nancy and Cesar seemed WONDERFUL all week long in our lessons, but then they didn't come to church. I still have faith that all of these people will make it someday... in the Lord's time. Right now, they just need my love and my PATIENCE!

I have also been learning patience with the members. The thing is, the active members are VERY active and therefore have multiple callings and children and so obviously don't have time for missionary work (a lie from Satan). But we have been praying and fasting to know how to help, love, and serve these wonderful and faithful members even more to help the Lord's work go forward. LOTS OF PATIENCE!!!

Now perhaps praying for patience wasn't the brightest idea I have ever had, but I definitely have a testimony that the Lord answers prayers because He gave my companion and I a very large (YET VERY SMALL) trial of our patience this week (see Exodus 8:17): "all of the dust of the land became LICE throughout the land of [La Victoria]." I love the Lord, His sense of humor and all! I love Peru, the tiny creatures that live in your hair, and all! I also love Hermana Kennedy. We have grown VERY close in this small... large... trial of faith and patience! WE have learned together to be patient as we spent hours this p-day going piece by piece through each other's manes of hair. #TMI #memories #Peru #patience

I am learning patience with everyone around me, with these little creatures on my head, and also with myself. I've had a long way to go but I know the Lord will show patience with me. He always has! As I studied Jacob 5 this week, I was struck by the patience He shows there. He wants to "spare us a LITTLE longer." Jacob 5:50. He's doing His part; we just gotta do ours.

Love you all forever!!


AuthorDanny Rasmussen