Letter from August 10, 2015


Well, this week was one of the greatest of all my mission. It was just incredible! It was one of those weeks that makes you never want the mission to end. All my friends may be headed home soon, but don't even worry. I STILL HAVE TIME!

We had an amazing "Consejo de Lideres" with Presidente Williams just jam picked with lots of good stuff! My comp and I were asked to speak and we taught a little on creative teaching. Presidente also instructed us on FAITH and on working with members and on how we can have MORE BAPTISMS! It was great. You left that meeting ready to baptize the world, seriously! This week we also had the privilege to teach in two zone conferences because we are in charge of the sisters in both "La Victoria" as well as in "Chiclayo Peru"! That's why last week I got to do exchanges with Hermana Johnson, and this week with Hermana Wood!! I love both of them with all of my heart. #oldcomps #reunited #theLordlovesus

Even with all the meetings and exchanges this week, we actually got to do a good amount of work in our area and see some serious progress. We have been inviting the whole world to be baptized with FE (faith) and with FECHA (a specific date)! Get it... FE-CHA! It has been fantastic. Maybe not everyone wants us to come back, but we are finding the prepared. Some of them really do have the "E" for "escodigas" on their foreheads. It's incredible to see.

We found this one new family of Walter & Patricia. They were investigators years ago but just never got baptized. They are both disabled and in wheel chairs but are the most AMAZING people in the world. Teaching them, I felt like I was in a Mormon Message! ESCOGIOOS! Also we found out one of the most active guys in our ward is actually not even baptized! He is just a super active investigator. All his family was baptized a few years ago but he wasn't. His wife and three daughters are amazing. Anyways, that's JORGE! He should be getting baptized at the end of this month. We also found a family... well... for the first time in a while. Nancy and Cesar. They are great but are not married. Their 14 year old daughter is a recent convert. Nancy is a recently rescued less-active and Cesar and their other little daughter, Laura, are not members yet. FINALLY after a long time of ignoring us, they let us come back. It was a humbling experience. We had taken one approach with them last time that was clearly not what they needed and we had to apologize and show a HECK of a lot of love to them. It worked. They are amazing but I am definitely learning a lot while teaching them... little by little.

The lessons learned on the mission are unlike anything in the world. This week I learned to be humble... I learned that I need more faith... I learned that the Lord is leading His work and is on our team! He wishes us success but we have got to ask for it in FAITH. NO WIMPY PRAYERS! We are having a baptism this month and I know it! (If it's the Lord's will, of course)


Hermana Rasmussen

P.S. We are in the Union Ward CHOIR no!! It's the funnest and funniest thing ever. Let's just say, Peruvians have other talents... #elcoronuncadejadeser

AuthorDanny Rasmussen