Letter from August 3, 2015.

Hola Hola!

We have had a super-busy-crazy week! And this next week will be EVEN CRAZIER! First off, we had interviews with President that were simply amazing. Talking with him and sweet Sister Williams is always so inspiring and motivating. It is now officially public knowledge that BEDNAR is coming to our mission at the end of this month! #HOLLA #maybeevenwithMissionPiura <3

Also we found out... we are sister leaders to not only our zone but also to Zona Chiclayo Peru! SO we are in charge of two more companionships of sisters. Guess who... HERMANA JOHNSON and her companion!! And Hermana WOOD and her companion!! Literally so exciting. Two of my old comps. This week I was able to do an exchange with Hermana Johnson in her new area. She is doing soooo well! #hija #proudmama It was way fun to be reunited with her and see her progress. She is a dynamite, as always, and taught me SO much. Also I literally had culture shock when I went to her area. QUE PITUCO! (like, how fancy!). It is probably similar to the neighborhood where my parents are living in Piura. Lots of large houses and rich people with CARS! #miniamerica #luckyducks

My comp and I have been working on loving this area and these people. For a while there we were going REALLY hard on them because we were just so frustrated with no one progressing. We have learned that there is definitely a balance. We can be bold with all the love in the world and people are more likely to progress! In fact, we NEED to be fairly straight-forward to help these people act but if they don't feel our sincere love for them, it is all in vain! WE CANNOT HELP IN THIS WORK WITHOUT LOVE. D&C 12:8. I also love D&C 121:43 (you can see I am loving D&C right now) but it is clearer in Spanish! It explains that the spirit will indicate the right moment to reprove or chasten... but always followed by more love so they can know we are on their team! That we aren't against them. That we want them to succeed.

Welcome to the missionary pride cycle! One day we go out and burn the world and the next, we love 'em. We're working on the balance. :)

I love the mission more than anything. These busy weeks are just so fabulous. We have been working with one investigator, Liliana, a lot but she isn't married and we are still winning over her catholic "husband." She really is wonderful though and knows the gospel is true! They will make it. Poco a poco. We also found a less active last week named Jessica who is my HERO! She is a single mom of two but is changing SO MUCH and is teaching her children with so much love; she is amazing. Little by little the Lord is leading us to the prepared. So grateful to be a part of this work. This coming week my comp & I have been asked to teach in the zone leader / sister leader training meeting, then two zone conferences, and we will have an intercambio (exchange) also in there somewhere. These are exciting times in the Lord's vineyard. LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Ras

AuthorAshley Ysasaga