Letter dated June 22, 2015.

So there we were.... Hermana Monson and I spent all week knocking doors and being rejected.... but of course, enjoying the time together! When after a week of almost nothing, we get a call from President Williams on Saturday morning. He told us our area would be closed and we were being transferred on Monday to other areas! #CRYING 

So we figure, we have until Monday! We'll keep proselyting and all... enjoy our time while it lasts... when in the afternoon we get ANOTHER call from the assistants saying JKJK you need to be packed, having cleaned out your room and in the mission office by TONIGHT (Saturday night). The temple cultural event was Saturday night so basically we had less then 3 hours to move out and say our goodbyes. #CRYING

BUT HERE I AM! Saturday night I met my new companion! Hermana Kingsford! Also for the weekend we had Hermana Cruz (from Garden Grove) and Hermana Rochette with us! It was a party. I am now in Zona La Victoria in Chiclayo as a sister leaderrrrr! #AHCHICHIN #QUEMIEDO. Also my comp goes home next week so I will have another one very soon and will have to know my whole area and all.... and she got here a week ago, too, so we are just wandering around lost! ahahaha #CRYING

The Lord knows why and all is well! I am SOOO excited for what is just around the corner. D&C 45:62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL! I'll try to write more next week. I promise!

Hermana Rassss


Goodbye Hermana Carmen!! (la pensionista)


SO SAD TO SAY GOODBYE... But its cool. We are living together after the mish.... no biggie.

AuthorAshley Ysasaga