Letter from April 27, 2015

Hola Hola Hola!

SO here I am. In... drum roll please... Demetrio Acosta, LAMBAYEQUE! And I am here with the lovely Hermana Wood. :) It's a party!!

The goodbyes, however, were not all that fun. Leaving that funny little city and some of my favorite people in the world actually broke my heart! But I really did feel like change was necessary. It's good. I'm happy! Very happy.

As I reflected on the wonderful time I had in the wonderful barrio Aeropuerto. I really can say that I did everything I could to help those saints. I really do love them! But thinking back to my brief time in barrio Atahualpa, I was always kind of troubled. Not because we didn't work hard, because we definitely did, but because we never really got to see anyone progress. I didn't always feel like I was helping anyone... little did I know we planted some pretty awesome seeds to be watered later on!

One was a sweet old man named Abel. Hermana Kimball and I rented our apartment in his house. His wife was a member of over 30 years. They had return missionary sons, and then one of their sons became the stake president in Cajamarca! But Abel simply never wanted to be baptized. Well, we taught him anyway. As you may or may not have heard from Hermana Kimball, he and his wife went to the states to visit family and he was baptized there. Hermana Kimball got to go. I couldn't be happier for him and his sweet family.

Another sweet story is about a lovely woman named Rosa. We taught her ALL THE TIME in good old barrio Atahualpa. However, with us, she never really progressed. Love her to death, she simply wasn't ready to make the necessary changes in her life yet. Well... last Monday I had just gotten on the bus after saying my last goodbyes to Cajamarca, Hermana Johnson, and a few of the people I had come to love so much, and I was feeling a little down. When the elder sitting in front of me turned around and asked me if I knew Hermana Rosa, my heart skipped a beat. I knew he had been serving in Atahualpa. Well, sure enough-- he showed me pictures of her baptism that last Saturday! #tender

It was just what I needed as the bus pulled out of my lovely Cajamarca to feel at peace. In that moment, I felt the strong assurance come over me that I had done all I could to help the work of the Lord move forward there in that beautiful little town in the middle of the mountains of Peru. It becomes very clear to me that I was a simple instrument that the Lord had used to do His work according to His will. In some cases his will for me to see the fruits, but in others it was just to plant the seeds. But how grateful I am to be part of this work, in any form it takes on! The Lord's work WILL go forth. In that we can trust.

I'm seriously STOKED to be here in this new little branch in Lambayeque. (Fun fact: it's just north of Chiclayo and is the part of the mission basically closest to Piura-- ah! Way too close). It's really hot here and there are lots of bugs, but it's definitely got it's own little charm about it. This area has been struggling a little, so Hermana Wood and I have decided that we are gonna TURN IT AROUND! We are gonna be contacting up a storm and teaching our little hearts out. To say the least, we're pumped. :) I love the mission. I love President Williams. I love transfers. And I love all of you!

Until next week,

Hermana Rasmussen

P.S.: Hermana Wood ROCKS! She talks like Amanda Bynes, laughs like Kayla Beckett, and is from Canada. We're already besties.

AuthorAshley Ysasaga