From October 19, 2015

This week was FANTASTIC! Between our multizone conference with Elder Uceda of the Seventy, leadership council with Elder Uceda, intercambios, and investigators that actually want to hear from us, we have been very busy!

On Wednesday we had our multizone meeting (actually with the whole mission) and we were blessed to hear from the inspiring Elder Uceda and his wife! It was SOO INCREDIBLE. In all honesty, he is one SCARY general authority, but you can tell he just has the sweetest heart. Even while he is calling you to repentance :) The main topics of the day were obedience and becoming a persuasive teacher. It was wonderful! Especially wonderful because now in our mission of 140ish missionaries, about 90 have three months or left. Crazy, huh?? I would have loved to get much of his counsel early on in my own mission, but that's okay! I've still got a couple months to grow and learn and better myself! And the rest of my life for that matter. That's the best news of all!

Wednesday night we had a special conference with Elder Uceda and ALL the ward council members from all over Chiclayo! There was a special sprit of unity there between the members and the missionaries and I learned SO much.

On Thursday we were so blessed as to have ANOTHER conference with Elder Uceda and the mission leadership. This was the cherry on top. :) He reinforced obedience and teaching skills but the most amazing point he made was actually about scripture study! He took scripture and pulled it, pushed it, stretched it, and tugged it until he found out everything possible from that scripture. HE studied the background, the speaker, paused, re-read, defined words, reflected on personal experiences, asked questions, questioned what he already thought he knew, identified simple doctrines, found daily examples and comparisons, etc. WOW. He drew a chess board on the white board in front and asked how many squares we saw. 8x8... 64! WRONG, he said. He then showed us the four in the corner, or what about the big one around all the little squares? We soon found out there were really 204. He explained that the scriptures are designed to hide, just like that. SO we must really SEARCH to discover the hidden squares to receive personal revelation. My studies have been 100% changed. I love the gspel and all that I still have to learn.

On Friday, I had possibly the greatest intercambio of my whole mission! I was with a wonderful sister from Chile, Hermana Valdebenito. We just had miracle after miracle. We were both in awe. SO many experiences to share but I will just say that the spirit buided us 100% of the way. We found about 5 new investigators for them and always seemed to end up exactly where the Lord wanted us to be. I love being a missionary.

Now the work. We have one investigator named Flor who is a single mom. Her 15 year old daughter is a less active and she's been listening to the missionaries for YEARS! She has set several baptismal dates but Satan always seems to interfere! This time she's gonna do it. She and her 9 year old are DYING to be baptized and have a date for the 31st. HALLOWEEN! Prayers for her.

We are also teaching a family. Sarita and Paul. The sisters found them a few months ago and they have been progressing just wonderfully! They are a little hard to find but they have a wedding date for the 6th of November and the baptismal date for the 14th. I just love them. I JUST LOVE THE LORD! I never could have imagined so much mercy and so many blessings for us right now. Alma 26:12. 

Love you all,

Hermana Ras

AuthorDanny Rasmussen