November 16, 2015


We have hd quite the week. Hermana Nelson went home on Monday and my comp for the week has been Hermana Liontop! I thought she was gonna be a mini-missionary, but not exactly! She's a real missionary. She's actually from here in Chiclayo, though! Kinda confusing but basically she went on a mission to Ecuador for six months, got sick, and had to come home, get treatment, and is now waiting for a few results in order to go back to Ecuador. So! On Monday she got re-set apart and is my comp this week. She'll be here in this mission until she gets her results... BUT! She has transfers now and I'll be getting a new compainon tomorrow. Hopefully my last!!!!

This week was a good one. We have been working a ton with Paul and Sarita! They are just so wonderful. They are definitely the wealthiest and most educated family I have ever taught in my mission so it's a little different, but it's great! A few months ago the sisters found them while knocking doors (which is incredible because knocking doors in this nice part of town is SUPER difficult). They taught them everything and pretty soon they both and strong personal testimonies of this as the Lord's church on earth. So why were they not baptized way back when with the other sisters?? Well, because they weren't married. And last week THEY GOT HITCHED! YAYAYA! So really the hard part was already over when I got here. I just get to help with the fun part. They have two daughters, a 19 year old and a 14 year old but unfortunately, neither want anything to do with us or the church. But we have faith that they'll come around with the strong example of their parents! They also have a newborn baby boy that Sarita is super excited about raising in the church so he can be a missionary, too, someday! She's the cutest. Their fecha is the 28th of November. I know they can make it. Prayers for them!!!

I am so dang blessed. There was a little scare this week when President Williams told me that he was thinking of transferring me to La Victoria again for these last four weeks to fill an Hermana Leader spot, and I wanted to cry! But I told him that I would go and I would do and I would be so happy to, knowing that it was the Lord's will for me. But... he didn't transfer me. HALLELUJAH! I'll be finishing up this wondrous adventure of a mission here in Chiclayo Central. Happy day!

I love the Lord, I love His work, I love literally wearing His name (Mosiah 5:12), I love being a missionary. Sorry everyone at home, this is the best kind of life.

Living it up while I can.


Hna Rasmussen

AuthorDanny Rasmussen