Mi ultimo correo. And do you wanna know the truth? I'm a wreck. I can't even bear it. I can't! I've been pretty emotional this week, but that's normal, right? In case you didn't know......I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK so basically I HAVE LOVED MY MISSION. Honestly, I can't stand to leave it behind. These have been hard days. But they have been the very happiest! Luckily I get to take with me the lessons learned, the heart changed, and the conversion started. I am sooooo blessed, it's crazy. 

Amados Hermanos Mios, I know that God lives. I am a witness of His power and His miracles. He answers prayers. He answers mine. He loves me and all of His children. My merciful Heavenly Father has accepted my imperfect offering. Through wrestles on my knees and through the Atoning power of Jesus Christ, He made my efforts ENOUGH. 

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's kingdom on the earth today. A living, loving, unchanging God directs His church today through a living prophet. Because of the revelation Thomas S. Monson received in October 2012, I am here today! We need not be afraid in this scary world when we can follow him!

I know that the young prophet Joseph restored the truth and was indeed called of God! I feel it every time I teach it. It's a strong, unforgettable, indescribable feeling. It's the Holy Ghost! I have that same feeling every time I read the Book of Mormon. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. It has truly become a delight to me. Like chowing down on an In-N-Out double double animal style, only BETTER! The Lord speaks to me in that book. And through that book I have come to know my Savior.

Jesus Christ lives!!!!!!! Just as He carried Nephi and his family across the sea, as He carried Alma and the sons of Mosiah to those prepared to accept the word, and as He carried the 2000 stripling warriors through the battle to safety, He carried me to the end. On my mission I have come to know Him who went forth suffering pains and afflictions of every kind just to know how to succor, comfort and carry me. My mission has been hard... but I never felt like it was too much. He never let me feel it.... too much. He was always there. I stand all amazed. Confused at His grace. I love Him. And my Heavenly Father. And my mission. And Peru. And my converts. And all of you. 

Hasta pronto.... MUY PRONTO

Les amoooooo muchisimooooo

Hermana Rasmussen (todavia)

AuthorDanny Rasmussen