November 23, 2015


So I have ANOTHER new comp! Her name is Hermana Guillen from Equador. She ROCKS. She is from my group but because she only was in the CCM for two weeks, she leaves NEXT transfer. LOVE HER.

Sarita and Paul had to travel randomly so they will not be getting baptized in these weeks.... coming soooon. But not too soon. We shall see! It's not quite a priority for them right now... they are waiting for it to be convenient for them. They'll make it one day.

The four Hermana Leaders in the mission.

The four Hermana Leaders in the mission.

I've been thinking a lot about one of my FAVORITE scripture stories. MOSES AND THE BRASS SERPENT. Numbers 21:5-9 tells us what happens....

In the New Testament we learn a little more of the meaning behind this story.... John 3:14-15....

And of course in the Book of Mormon is where we learn to APPLY it! 

In 1 Nephi 17:41, it explains that thanks to the fall of Adam and Eve, we have all been bitten by fiery snakes. But a loving Heavenly Father provided a way to be saved from the pain of those bites and to be healed. All it required was that we LOOK! For some, that was just too easy... and what happened? They perished. For pride, laziness, or maybe inconvenience... 

I love the question posed to us in Alma 33: 19-21.... In spanish it translates to, "would you not look immediately???" This story applies to my investigators. It definitely applies to me. And it applies to you! Ponder on it. Pray about it. Why do we not believe?? Why NOT look? Why NOT study daily the scriptures? Why NOT pray always to a loving Father? Why NOT attend church and go to the temple to find refuge and peace? The blessings are so great, Christ has saved us all if we will just turn our heads and peek! 

I have been studying the gospel art lately. I LOVE THIS PAINTING. And another insight I had from examining it was the need for a prophet. Our loving Heavenly Father has given us PROPHETS to POINT us to Christ. They give us the instructions to be saved. Who do you want to be in this picture? I personally would love to be one of the few who looked and lived. 

LOOK AND LIVE, PEOPLE! The Lord loves you and all of His children! And I love you all too. 


Hermana Rasmussen

Hermana Rapunzel!

Hermana Rapunzel!

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