After the wonderful and memorable transfer meeting on Tuesday I now find myself in.,... DRUM ROLL PLEASE....


I am  right smack in the middle of the city in Chiclayo. Who knew that existed here?? Talk about a new wave of CULTURE SHOCK. The bright lights, busy (and PAVED) streets, and tall buildings make me feel like I'm in Time Square! It's fun to be in the center of the city where we can buy things like peanut butter or tortillas if we are really craving it, but the REAL reason this has been the greatest week ever is because WE HAVE INVESTIGATORS HERE. We are HELPING PEOPLE. That is all I have ever wanted. To help people accept the restored gospel and come unto their Savior. Since coming down from Cajamarca, that has been a real trial. In both Lambayeque and La Victoria, we did little teaching, a lot of walking, and we had a LOT of rejection. They were tough. I know The Lord put me there for specific reasons and I loved both of those areas, but I am soooooo grateful to be here. In my Book of Mormon study this morning I learned about Aaron. He's the man. 

Alma 21:13-17

13 Nevertheless, Aaron and a certain number of his brethren were taken and cast into prison...

 14 And those who were cast into prison suffered many things....

 15 And they went forth again to declare the word, and thus they were delivered for the first time out of prison;and thus they had suffered.

16 And they went forth whithersoever they were led by the Spirit of the Lord (and sent by their mission president), preaching the word of God in every synagogue of the Amalekites, or in every assembly of the Lamanites where they could be admitted.

 17 And it came to pass that the Lord began to bless them, insomuch that they brought many to the knowledge of the truth.

I love Aaron and all of the sons of Mosiah. They suffered SOOO MUCH, but nevertheless, THEY WENT FORTH AGAIN! And what happened? The Lord eventually blessed them with success. 

I'm not saying that in my other area, I was ever thrown into prison or that I suffered half of what Aaron and his brethern suffered.  I'm also not saying that this new area is ALL butterflies and rainbows and baptisms.... but sometimes that's how it feels!!!! We are teaching wonderful investigator families that want to follow the Savior.... We have rock solid recent converts who are the best missionaries around... We have ward members and leaders who are giving their all to the work or Salvation.... we really CAN'T LOSE. I could not ask the Lord for a more perfect place to wrap up these last months of my mission. I am so blessed.

If with nothing else, the Lord has blessed me this week with a renewed enthusiasm for the work. Genuinely, there is no place I would rather be! I love being a missionary. I love teaching. I love contacting. I love walking for heaven's sake! And I love the Lord because He consecrates our trials and efforts for our good. 

Until next weeeeeek! LOVE YOU ALL! CHAOCITO

Hermana Ras

P.S.: my comp is Hermana Nelson from American Fork, Utah!! SHE IS AMAZING. We had mutual friends from BYUI. But guess what..... she will be my 4th kill. Goes home in November.... NOOOOOOOOO #callmethemurderer 

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AuthorAshley Ysasaga