How are things back in the US of A?! Things are really rockin' and rollin' here in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Peru. Have I mentioned that I love Cajamarca? #DONTMAKEMELEAVE #TRANSFERSNEXTWEEK #AHHCHICHIN

This week was wonderful, however relatively uneventful so I'm gonna keep it kind of short this week. I just wanted to share with you all how much I love Peru. Hermana Molina has helped me so much to truly embrace and become part of the culture here. Sometimes it still blows my mind that I live here... CRAZY. My life before seems like another foreign world! I've started to feel like I really belong here now. Hermana Molina and I are SUCH good friends, we literally have the BEST time.

The truth is that loving the people came easy to me; they're the most lovable people in the world, after all! But the culture took a little more time. I really feel like I'm a Peruvian through and through! From the daily rice and potatoes, to the crazy creative remedies for EVERYTHING, to the musical apostasy in sacrament meeting! I LOVE PERU! I love my Heavenly Father for sending me here. And I love what I'm becoming thanks to this place and the people here. There is no doubt in my mind that this is where I am needed. I am SO excited to share my love for this place with my pops in just a few months. We can be Peruvanos together. <3

I know God lives and He runs this Church. He is the father of our spirits, and knows us better than we know ourselves! He knew from the beginning that I needed Peru even more than Peru needed me. How grateful I am to be His servant here to learn, grow, and share the hope of this grand message. Now it just scares me that a third of my mission is behind me! But I guess that's fine. I'm going home in a 2-3 hour bus ride to Piura Peru anyways. <3

Alma 17:23!


Hermana Rasmussen

PS: I ate guinea pig today. THAT'S what I call embracing the culture! :)

AuthorAshley Ysasaga