Happy two months to me today! It seems as though I just got here and at the same time, like I haven’t been home in FOREVER.

Things are great here in Atahualpa. The rain started this week. Apparently it rains non-stop from like September – April. So JOY! Today, however, we had a surprisingly beautiful and clear day. As a district, we went to Banos del Inca (A super touristy spot). We had burgers and bought M&Ms to celebrate being in a very American place. Happy day. Love my district.

This week one of our investigators committed to a baptismal date! Sweet Rosa. I just adore her. Even with this great success however, we have decided on a new focus. We are working first to strengthen the members! This week we have been working closely with the bishop and gotten a ton of members just totally PUMPED about the work. Yesterday for the 3rd hour of church, the bishop knocked it out of the park by helping these members really catch the vision of salvation. Not just baptisms. Convert, retain, rescue. This week we have been focusing more on less actives and we had quite a few come to church yesterday… so SCORE. Yeah, the work is moving forward. WE JUST NEED THE MEMBERS.  *Everyone at home, help the missionaries. They need you!*

This week was also a bit tender to say goodbye to Hermana Corina and her family. BEST PENSIONISTA EVER! She’s like my mom here (love you Mom! She actually reminds me quite a bit of a Peruvian you) Hopefully you got the Facebook message from her family with pictures of us with them.

The highlight of the week for me though was last night! The lesson with our wonderful investigator Sylvia. She had been telling us that she was having a lot of negative thoughts and doubts that were hindering her faith so we were trying everything we could to help her overcome that. Background: She just graduated from the University at the top of her class so she is really bright. Also we made a graduation cap card for her and brought her chocolate. So she loves us already. Anyway…. Earlier in the week, I had been studying Ephesians 6 (thanks mom!!) and had thought so much about her as I read. She just needed the Armor of God to protect her from all those fiery darts!! Last night I was able to share this chapter with her and as we read it together, she analyzed it. Though I wasn’t able to explain all that I wanted to in Spanish, she understood. She told us during the lesson that that was exactly what she needed to hear. We explained that she just needed to use this gift of intelligence that she has been given to strengthen her armor with the word of God. She is such a rock star. She has totally got this! Ephesians 6:10-17

Well another week is gone? Craziness. The days seem like years but the weeks seem like minutes. Crazy how it works! I love you all! I love the Lord. I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and loves me and is helping me every step of the way.

Ciao for now!  

Hermana Rapunzel

(As the locals call me—It’s a long name that starts with “R”—HA! Little do they know that I just chopped it off!

P.S. Tell Grandma Ras her letters are THE BEST!

AuthorDanny Rasmussen