First half week in the field and holy cow it is crazy. I think I've felt every emotion every day but thats normal right?? HAHA no really it is great. so much to tell and so little time. Here it goes...

I am the luckiest missionary EVERRR! I am in the most beautiful area in the mission, I have been told many times. And I believe it! It's stunning. It almost feels like a little European town in the middle of the mountains of Peru! Except unlike Europe all the time... the people are SOOO NICE: President Williams (who is AWESOME by the way--love him) told me that I need to get to the know the area because I will most likely be here for 6-8 months. That's a third to a half of my mission!! Crazy!! Good thing it's amazing here. Also I'm crazy lucky because I HAVE HERMANA KIMBALL AS MY TRAINER!!! She is the best. My biggest blessing right now! As former seminary students of Sister Earnest, I really know she is here with us helping us out. We have been working soooo hard. In just the 4 days I've been here we have taught 30 lessons and I have yet to teach the same person twice!! Also in the last 4 days we have gotten 4 new investigators. SCORE These people are prepared like crazy. 

We have the best pensionista who makes us food. SO GOOD and she's the sweetest woman ever.

I'm keeping warm! There were coats left here in the room by other sisters and I wear them at night but other than that, I'm good! The weather really is beautiful. 

Here's some cool news! This transfer for the first time ever, all the companionships in this mission now have a cell phone and a mini DVD player! It's rad.

Also the members ROCK. Most of our ward is youth and children. There is literally a little Peruvian copy of every one of my babies IN OUR WARD! I'm in love with them. Since we taught so many lessons I will stick to just telling you about one. My favorite. We are teaching this little family, the mother died 2 years ago and the father is a bit of a harsh drinking man so we are just teaching their children. They have a 13 year-old girl, 10 year-old girl, and 6 year-old boy. I'm in love with them! Literal Peruvian copies of my babes. They live on this farm a little ways out of town and have very little and LOVE when we come by! This lesson was especially fun because I could understand EVERYTHING! What a miracle. These sweet little kids just get it. This pure doctrine is so fresh in their minds that they just understand! We were teaching them the 3rd lesson about faith, repentance, baptism , the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end and they just loved it. Little 6 year-old Carlos added when we were talking about repentance that "when we don't repent its like walking around with a rock in your shoe!" Literally died. I already know the hardest rule for me is gonna be not holding the little ones at all. Jolie, Lucy, Reese, Naomi, Grant, Gid, Mack, I sure do love you guys and pray for you always!!

This week has been awesome but has also been rough. Everything is pretty overwhelming but esta bien! I have been getting a lot of comfort and strength from D&C 6. For me personally, it outlines perfectly what I am to do as a missionary, why I'M here in Peru, how I can receive the help that I need, where I can find comfort and strength, and who I am really here for. Verses 32-36 get me every time. I am here for my Savior and to bring these sweet people unto his feet. SI SE PUEDE! I can totally do this!

Cant thank you enough for he support and love! Ciao!

Hermana Rasmussen

AuthorDanny Rasmussen