HOLA FAMBAM! Crazy to think that another week is already gone. It's been a fantastic one! Three weeks down here in the CCM and three more to go. I really do love it here. I only have 30 minutes today so this will be a short letter.

So. Our lessons with our fake investigators are improving like crazy. Spanish is still a struggle but its starting to come a little quicker and easier. This week we committed Rubi to baptism and had a fabuloud first lesson with Jose Antonio and he was in tears (these are both our teachers acting as investigators). They may not be real but the spirit in those lessons DEF IS. Seeing emotion really is refreshing during a long day of frustrating spanish class. THAT is why I'm here.

Every time I think I am starting to really understand this language we get more grammar that just doesnt make sense! Oh well. It'll come. The Lord knows I'm doing my best. This week we watched a devotional from Elder Christofferson about how to gain the Lord's trust. BEAUTIFUL devo! He told us flat out that is greater to be trusted than loved. We ALL recieve the Lord's love, but we don't all receive His trust. I pray every day that I can become the kind of missionary the Lord can trusts with anything. Helaman 10:4-6 explained this principle perfectly. To gain the trust of the Lord, we must align our will completely and utterly with his! Elder Christofferson said, "When his love and glory are our motivation, it will carry us through to the end and we will be trusted of the Lord." LOVE!

Family: The temple today was the best ever! It was exquisite. It was the first time since I've been here that I REALLY missed you guys. As I sat there thinking about and praying for each one of you, I looked into the double mirrors in one of the sealing rooms and got just a glimpse of the eternity we have together. It was one of the most enlightening moments of my life.

I love you guys and miss you terribly. But I've got ya for eternity and because I'm here, others will recieve that blessing as well. I know without a doubt that this is the best decision I've made in my life so far. Hasta luego!


Hermana Rasmussen

AuthorDanny Rasmussen