Hola Hola!

Another week gone and little fruits are springing up all over the place! I love this work so much. I’m so happy here. Thanksgiving came and went and I almost FORGOT! Jk. But really, I’m so grateful to be here in the mission. I feel like I can now honestly say that there is no place I’d rather be!

The mission is filled with moments I just never want to forget. Sometimes I feel like I just want to pause time for a minute. Today I thought I’d just share a few special moments from this week. Even if they don’t mean much to anyone else but me!

·  The moment when we walked by the house of Erika and Michael and they were listening to the Avdio Libro de Mormon. I just couldn’t love them any more than I do right now!

·  The moment when Melani and Mario asked us how soon they can be baptized after teaching only Lesson #2: The Plan of Salvation. If only they would come to church!

·   The moment when we were knocking doors and decided to go a completely different direction to knock one of the same doors twice. It was the house of a less active! She’s awesome.

·   The moment when Mario told us he prayed to know if our message was true and if it was, he asked the Lord to help him find work that day. A man stopped him in the middle of the street that day to offer him a job. To say the least, he knows it’s true.

·   The moment when Michael bears his testimony to us of the restoration of the Gospel and how he knows this is the Lord’s church.

Que mas… there are just so many. The primary program was to DIE FOR. Also, I die every evening with the incredible Cajamarquina skies. Basically a #WorldofColor every night. Also when surprises come to church and we end up having 8 investigators and 6 less actives en la capilla! What in the world?! Oh yea, and last night when we didn’t have water, light, or toiler paper. That was funny. And of course when the Peruvians contact US in the street. That always makes my day! Being a missionary is the happiest lifestyle—I am convinced.

I love you all forever and always! I promise I miss you and love you mom, but frankly, I’d rather be here. Next week is the baptism of Jose (my comp wasn’t exactly thrilled with me but he just wasn’t prepared for it this week!). This week we’ve really seen major progression and hearts changing right before our eyes. There are my favorite moments. This is the work of salvation and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!

Until next week,

Hermana Rasmussen


AuthorAshley Ysasaga