I'm just so glad the news is out because I can't hold in my excitement anymore!!!! Wait! Let me start from the beginning...

Last Friday we had that multi-zone meeting. It was AWESOME. After Elder Waddell spoke to us, President Williams and his wife addressed us. They're the best. Have I mentioned my President is just fantastic?? Well, during that meeting and as President and his wife spoke, I had the most distinct impression that my dear parents would be in their position VERY soon. I wrote in my journal that night that I just knew they would get that call. I wrote, "one day they'll win the battle of Bedford Falls and get out of Irvine!" Well...

THE NEXT MORNING, we got a phone call. Hermana Kimball answered. She sounded confused. Then she asked in English, "Why are you calling??" Then I was interested. She told me slowly to "sit down, here's the phone, it's your dad..."

WHAT! I kind of freaked out. Scared to death for the lives of all my family members! No one ever calls unless something REALLY bad has happened. Well, I said hello and we started talking. He told me not to worry, and that he had permission from President Uchtdorf...

WHAT! Then I knew. He and my mom proceeded to tell me they had been called to be mission presidents. Then came the screaming, and also a few tears. Also the, "I totally called it! I was gonna write you this week to start learning spanish, mom!!!!"

Despite what you're all thinking, the fact that I had this revelation is not the reason I am through the roof excited for them and this new adventure. I've heard countless times that more often than not, missionaries are called to a president, rather than a place. I can testify of this with my own experience, as well! President Williams es lo MAXIMO para mi! And I know with all my heart that there is a mission (to be announced) full of missionaries who will really need my sweet dad and wonderful mom to guide them in this once in a lifetime amazing experience! Que suerte estos missioneros van a tener!

I know Jesus Christ is the head of this church, that He leads this work. I'm so excited to have another Hermana Rasmussen out working with me in this awesome cause! Oh yeah, and Presidente :)  Hermana Kimball has officially left me and is on her way to you now! She was sent home with plenty of hugs and stories for all of you! It was pretty sad to say goodbye to my little piece of home. She really is the BEST. The best trainer, example, and friend I could have ever hoped for. As sad as it was, I'm excited for the next adventure! My new companion will be coming on Tuesday night and until then, I'm playing hot potato and jumping around from area to area with some other sisters. It's pretty exciting!

Wow! With all these new and exciting changes comes a lot of emotion and a lot of gratitude. I love my family. I love my trainer! I love my new area. I love my investigators. I love my President. I love my calling. I love this work. I love the Lord.

I love you all! Can't wait for the changes and news to come. I have a testimony that this will all be for a reason. God's plan for us is perfect. He knows us and knows what is best for each one of us. He sees our potential and is there pushing us along every step of the way. 1 Nephi 20:15. He calls us, brings us through, but it's up to us to live up to our potential and mike our own ways prosperous. SI SE PUEDE!

Ciao for now. Much love and prayers,

Hermana Rasmussen (Jr. :) )

P.S.: I've got my answers ready when 10000+ people ask for Hermana Kimball this week. Alma 22:3-4.

AuthorAshley Ysasaga