Buenas Tardes!

Another week has raced past me. I can’t even believe it! And what a week it has been. I can officially say I’m a missionary in South America because I got bitten by a street dog! HOLLA! Don’t worry, mom (I was debating if I should tell you or not), for all is well now so no se preocupe. This is why we paid a fortune for all my shots before I left. :)  BUT REALLY, DON’T STRESS MOM! I just have a small fear of dogs now. AND, for the record, I didn’t provoke it. We were just walking by tranquilo! All is well.

In other news, this week was actually pretty good! We had a realization as we were reflecting on the week last night. We are ONLY TEACHING FAMILIES! Thanks to the inspired guidance of President Williams, ALL of our investigators are families. He advised us never to pass a family or couple on the street without contacting them. He also implemented the rule that we could not teach anyone under the age of 18 without their parents. I LOVE this rule. And because we are only teaching families, we use the Proclamation in every first appointment. IT IS THE BEST.

So I’ve already introduced you to Erika and Michael. They were our miracle in this area! Our number one! Well, this week they took some serious steps back. Darn anti-mormon material. They had come SO FAR! One day they’ll get there. Just probably not while I’m still here in Cajamarca… It’s chill, I’ve still got faith!

Next we have Leisy and Junior who I talked about last week! They are SO RAD. They have some great questions and just love when we come. Just praying they’ll come to church this week.

Another family is Mario y Melani! They were a contact of Hermana Kimball and I. They’re great. We gave them a contact card that they put up in their little tiendita. Apparently, people have seen it and asked them if they are Mormons, and they say yes! HAHA I love them.

We have a few more awesome possibilities we’re hoping to see fruits from, but I’ll just mention one more today. Jose and Vanessa. Okay so we met them yesterday. Vanessa is less active and Jose is her soon to be husband… they’re apparently getting married next weekend and he wants to be baptized the same day… so we’re visiting them every day this week! I really don’t know where they came from. But hey, we’re stoked!

So this week as we have been doing EVERYTHING possible to get these families to progress and ACT, I’ve been thinking a lot about why people act. What motivates them to keep their commitments as investigators? I believe people act for one of three reasons.

First: out of fear. Is that bad? No. The fear of God can lead us to do great things! Mosiah 4:1-2. They were afraid when they heard the truth, so they changed their hearts. Who knows, maybe some of our investigators would do the same if we were a little more scary?!

Second: a sense of duty. This isn’t bad either! It’s a good thing to act out of a duty to God. Alma 7:22. Perhaps if I could just get my investigators to understand their duty to God, they would act!

Third: because of love. People act because of love. In John 14:15 we learn that if we love God, we will act. We will keep His commandments. We will do all He asks of us!

Yes, good things come from fear and good things come from duty, but these good things don’t come close to the miracles that come from love. Jeffrey R. Holland said in a recent conference that, “pure Christ-like love flowing from righteousness can change the world.” I know that to be true. I’m giving everything I’ve got to show these people the love of God because THAT will make them act and progress a lot quicker than duty or fear. I know God loves us. There have been hard moments on the mission but I have NEVER felt alone. He’s there. I feel Him. That love inspires me to act, to get up every morning and give it my all for another day. All I want is for my investigators to feel it, too. Not just love from me, but from our Heavenly Father. John 3:16. What more evidence of God’s love could we ever need?

I hope all is well at home! I love you all lots and lots and pray every day you see the influence of God’s love in each of your lives. Ciao ciao!

Hermana Rasmussen

AuthorAshley Ysasaga