Supresa! Mid-transfer transfers for Hermana Kimball and I. We are moving at some point this week from Atahualpia to Barrio Aeropuerto ("airport ward" is literally what it's called). It was actually quite devastating news, but really, I'm alright about it now and am rather excited. At least it is still in Cajamarca.


President and Hermana Williams came to Cajamarca this week and we got to have interviews with each of them. Have I mentioned how much I love them, before?? He is whipping this mission into shape, so some of the missionaries don't seem to absolutely LOVE him yet, but I do. As he says, these rules aren't new! They're just being enforced more now. I just wish we could have interviews with him every week. Serious spiritual booster! 

Then came our big multi-zone meeting this week. It was sweet! But at the end, we received the news that they would probably be moving us like NOW (mid-transfer), to the other area, ward, and zone! Que triste! But, you know, I'm doing well with it now. That day, I felt like my world was totally changed! Totally rocked, picked up, shaken up, turned around, and CHANGED! But, as a very wise friend of mine told me last week... "when things get stressful and success seems low, that doesn't mean you're being punished. It means it's time to grow and try something new!"


After President told us this idea of his, I was pretty devastating. I was actually holding back tears as I told him I was willing to go wherever The Lord wants me to go. It was especially hard to hear because I have finally really learned this area and love these people, and had earned the trust of the members!! I was finally feeling prepared for the day Hermana Kimball was going to leave, and I was going to have to lead the area. But, asi es! And wow was I humbled that night after receiving that news. 

We started out that evening wandering from appointment to appointment feeling rather sorry for ourselves when just about 100 different little things told us during that whole night that we needed this change, that this was inspired by God, and that we would be able to better help with the Lord's work in Barrio Aeropuerto. 

It was really quite incredible. The first thing we talked about as we walked was the serious lack of success we have been having this last week despite all of our work and efforts. Maybe the Lord was preparing us by allowing us to feel a little frustrated with our area this last week. 

Next we realized that the woman we live with in her home was leaving this week on a long term trip to the states and we were probably going to have to move rooms anyway. 

Also, we NEEDED a new pensionista... enough said.


The next thing Hermana Kimball and I talked about as we walked was how these last few weeks we have been exercising a lot of faith and praying for a big miracle. We see miracles everyday, of course, but we've been praying for something to really remember from our two transfers together. We realized that even though this wasn't the miracle we wanted exactly, our prayers were being answered. Not to mention, we have been praying specifically for our leaders to have inspiration for our area. WHAT?! HELLO?! MIND BLOWN.

One of the lessons we taught that night was on faith. As Hermana Kimball and I taught sweet Adela that sometimes faith means moving forward without knowing exactly what lies ahead, we looked at each other with near tear-filled eyes to realize, maybe this lesson was more for us than even her.

In another lesson we had this week, we sang "Oh Esta, Todo Bien" with this wonderful less-active lady. Once again, the spirit testified to me personally that this change was truly the hand of the Lord in our lives. As much as I love this woman and all the people here in Atahualpa, maybe it was time to move forward "sin miedo, sin temor! Mas con gozo andad." The last answer to our sincere prayers and worried hearts was clear as day and hit us right in the face. We went to go visit a member family when we found their relatives there! I HAD NEVER MET SOMEONE FROM BARRIO AEROPUERTO BEFORE THIS!!! That night, we met the most beautiful family from that ward who talked with us about how unfortunate it is that they only have four missionaries in their ward with so much work to do! OKAY WE GET IT!


President had told us to call him that night and let him know our feelings about the change. The answer was clear. It's tough, but this week we will be moving to open a new area in Barrio Aeropuerto and leaving our own little comfort zone. Time to grow and learn something new! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us on this new adventure! As president said, "it's hard. But it's the hard that makes it good." COME AT ME, AIRPORT! 1 Nephi 4:6 / 1 Nephi 7:12-13. Maybe at some future period I will know why, or maybe, just maybe, I already do. 

Ciao, fam! Thanks a million for the love and support. The Lord is so good. I love Him. I'm so grateful to be His missionary at this time in whatever place He needs me.

Much much love!

Hermana Rasmussen 

AuthorAshley Ysasaga