(Letter from September 15, 2014)

Another fabulous week! They just keep getting better. I love being a missionary. Miracles happen litterally every day! As I've been praying for eyes to see and ears to hear them, I see that they're everywhere! To name a few:

1) We've coincidentally knocked on doors of families we've contacted while looking for less actives. 
2) We've contacted people on the street that we later realized were references from members.
3) We have been contacted by many popele on the street asking us when we can come teach them!
4) Usually Sunday morning is so hard to get our investigators to church... it's like Christmas morning and running downstairs to realize that the grinch (the devil) has come to steal all your gifts (investigators). This week we had EIGHT investigators at church.
5) We've encounterd our investigators in the street and have been able to console them in some very tender moments.
6) We are also regularly told that we are an answer to a prayer.

THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! Sister Earnest, your students are doing you proud! 

This week I have really been trying to study the relationshop between miracles and obedience. The 2000 stripling warriors understood that in order for miracles to happen, you must obey with exactness. Alma 57:21 says not ONE soul did perish. MIRACLE! I especially love this story because it took some serious faith. That battle was SCARY! Moroni 7:37-- it is by faith. 

This week was a little bit scary for me. We had our first 24 hour splits with the sister leaders! This meant I was going to be kind of tested on running the area by myself, finding all the appointments, teaching the lessons, and planning! ON MY OWN. Also I had to speak in sacrament meeting. So yeah. Spooky. In the end, it all turned out alright! I trusted that the Lord would help me and of course He did. I was with Hermana Hanson from Escondido. She rocks! Also my talk... well its over. :) The moral of the story is that I DID IT! With the Lord's help. I have such a testimony that if it's God's will, there's a way! 1 Nephi 3:7-- as we strive to be obedient and to align our will with His, we will see mircales all around us. 

There is an Elder Maxwell quote I love (will your find it word for word, mom?). It says something like, "the only thing we can give to the Lord that he doesn't already have is our will." 

I love the Lord. I am striving every day to align my will with His so I can be that window to His love for these people here in Peru that I love so much. The Savior allowed His will to be swallowed up by the Father's and as His representative, so must I! Please read Mosiah 15:7.

Have a great week. Much love to all of you!! 

Hermana Rasmussen

AuthorAshley Ysasaga